The #1 thing you should know before dress shopping

You’re engaged and the dress shopping can finally begin! Maybe you have a Pinterest board that you’ve been working on for years or 20+ gowns saved on Instagram. Research on these platforms is a great tool. It will ultimately lead to you us! Now it's time to schedule your appointment. Make sure that the store you are booking at has your ideal style and top designers. No need to book at a shop that carries only ballgowns when you’re on the hunt for the perfect sheath. Amiright? While it might seem like fun booking 2-3 appointments at various shops, it can easily lead to overwhelm, defeat, and confusion. This is the last thing you should feel while dress shopping! The moments leading up to your big day are memories you should cherish forever. If you find your gown at your 1st appointment, its OKAY to say yes! You cannot recreate these special moments in time. Go with your gut and be confident in your decision. Once you’ve found the one, stop looking. You stopped when you found your fiance, didn’t you?! If you can check off boxes during your entire wedding planning process, I can promise that your journey to the aisle will be effortless and unforgettable.