We are pleased to offer wedding gown cleaning and preservation services with the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.

You never know what the future may bring. You daughter or granddaughter may walk down the aisle in the very same wedding dress that stole your heart.

Each gown is brought by hand to a Connecticut based facility to be treated. Gowns are hand cleaned with gentle chemicals that dissolve all different types of stains. Soda, wine, and cake spills contain sugar and often dry without leaving a visible mark. Sugar is not dissolved during ordinary dry-cleaning and caramelizes over time into ugly brown stains. Our specialists take the extra step to remove stains seen and unseen.

The special MuseumCare treatment used by our preferred specialists, give your gown the pure, lasting protection of acid-free tissue and archival quality wedding chest.

Please call Everthine to take the next steps in preserving your gown.